Offering our powerflushing service in Coventry, Daventry, Hinckley, Rugby, Lutterworth and all surrounding areas.

Book a powerflush with our expert gas engineers for just £250, covering Coventry, Lutterworth, Rugby and surrounding areas. Please call us on 07480 245 506 or use the contact details below to get in touch. 


Powerflushing is a mess-free solution for improving the performance of radiators and the central heating system as a whole. When we powerflush your central heating system, we inject water and additional cleansing and immobilising agents through the boiler to remove any rust, sludge and other debris that is otherwise affecting the performance of the system.

The results of powerflushing are long lasting and you shouldn't need to book another for a while! 

We charge £250 for a powerflush (including 5 radiators) and charge an additional £35 per additional radiator. Get in touch today to book your powerflush with our gas engineers in Coventry, Rugby & Lutterworth. 

Do you need a powerflush?

Check the signs below to see if you should call our gas engineers in Coventry, Rugby & Lutterworth to book a powerflush:

  • Are radiators taking their time to heat up? Or are there cold spots on the radiator? 
  • Can a magnet attach to the copper pipework (indication of rust)?
  • Does the boiler automatically switch itself off before warming the home/water?
  • Is the boiler making strange noises, i.e. loud bangs/gurgling noises?

If you have noticed any of the above signs, please contact our gas engineers and we'll discuss your options and whether a powerflush or boiler repair is needed. 

Book a powerflush with our gas engineers in Coventry, Lutterworth, Rugby...

You can contact our gas engineers in Coventry, Rugby & Lutterworth for a powerflush by calling us on 07480 245 506 or  07450 396 141 or by filling in our contact form. It might be best to call our gas engineers during the summer to prepare your home for the winter, but nevertheless, we're always on hand to powerflush your boiler/central heating system during the winter months too!

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