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Underfloor heating benefits

Thinking about installing underfloor heating in your home in 2019? There's no better time than now! Underfloor heating comes with loads of benefits for you and your home, that you just can't get with normal radiators. We've made a handy list telling you about all of the top benefits, to show you exactly why you need underfloor heating in your home.

1. No maintenance

Both electric and water based underfloor heating require very little maintenance once they have been installed. This is a big reason people choose to go with underfloor, as it gives you one less thing to worry about each winter.

2. More efficient

Underfloor heating is more efficient and more cost-effective than radiators, so saves you wasted energy and money on your bills.  Traditional radiators cool down very quickly after being switched off, taking the heat with them. Whereas heat from underfloor lingers in the air for longer after you've switched the heating off. This means you can turn your heating off earlier but still enjoy the benefits of the heat already produced.

3. Consistent room temperature

Underfloor heating heats the room from the ground up- rather than radiators that heat across the room. This means the room will heat evenly and will leave no cold spots in the corners, creating superior comfort for your home.

4. Underfloor heating is more hygienic

Radiators can often leave the floor level cold and dampness can occur. While having damp in your home is bad enough, it can also produce ideal temperatures for dust mites to breed. Underfloor heating heats the ground thoroughly, reducing any chances of damp and creating an atmosphere that is too warm and dry for any mites to live in.

5. Works with all floor types

This is usually people's top worry with underfloor heating, as they don't realise it is now compatible with so many floorings. It no longer relies on the surface being solid, such as stone or tile. It can now work with all sorts of floors, such as vinyl, laminate, wood or carpet (as well as stone and tile). 

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