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Top tips to thaw a frozen pipe

Need help thawing the frozen pipes in your home this winter? Keep reading to find our top tips on thawing exposed and hidden frozen pipes, to keep your home cosy and warm on even the coldest day!

How to thaw an exposed pipe

If you can easily access the pipe, it is easy to begin to thaw it out and there are several simple options to try out. Here are the 4 best methods:

Hair dryer

This is the easiest way to thaw a frozen pipe. Turn on the hairdryer and aim the heat and the pipe, starting closest to the faucet and moving towards the blockage. As with all electrical appliances, be careful not to let the hairdryer get too close to the water as it melts. 

Heat lamp/portable space heater

This is another quick and easy way to thaw a pipe. Position the heater or lamp so the heat is reaching the pipe, and wait for the indirect heat to get to work. Similarly with the hairdryer, be careful of the electrics as the water melts. 

Hot towels

This is a slower method, but arguably safer as there are no electrical appliances involved. Dip some towels into hot water and wrap them around the pipe, to slowly thaw the blockage. 

How to thaw an enclosed pipe

If the pipe is enclosed and hidden, it is slightly harder to thaw it out- but here are some easy methods to try: 

Turn the heating up

Simply switch the heating on in your home and turn up the thermostat and wait to see if this does the job. 

Infrared lamp

If you know where abouts the frozen pipe is, you can try to thaw the blockage by putting an infrared lamp in front of the wall. The heat produced may be strong enough to get through the wall and defrost the pipe.

Cut out a section of the wall

If you feel comfortable and able to cut out a section of the drywall, then you can do so. This will give you easy access to the frozen pipe, and you can use one of the methods from the section above.

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