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Should I turn my heating off when I go on holiday?

Going on holiday comes with enough worries as it is- before you even consider what to do with your heating. While it might feel like a waste of money to leave it on, you may be worried about your pipes freezing over or bursting if you do decide to turn it off. What to do with your heating depends on what time of year you are going away. Keep reading to find out what you should do for your holiday!

Are you going on holiday in the summertime?

If you are going on holiday in the warmer months of the year, when you don't normally have your heating on, the solution is simple- keep it switched off. Your home will not suffer any consequences and be fine when you get home. The warm weather outside removes the risk of your pipes freezing over when not in use, so your heating is one less thing to worry about.

Or in the winter months?

If you are going on holiday during the colder months, we recommend you keep your heating on. This keeps your home warm, reducing the risk of your pipes freezing if they are not in use. No frozen pipes also means no burst pipes, so your central heating will be ready to use when you get home. It also means you won't be returning to an icy cold home after your nice holiday.

Having your heating on doesn't mean it has to be on at the same temperature as it is when you are home, and turning it down to 15/16 degrees will be high enough to serve the right purpose. This will keep your boiler ticking over, while not using up too much energy and money.

Safety Precautions 

If you leave your boiler on, this can leave you with a few worries during your time away.

What if your boiler leaks when you aren't home?

What if you return to a home full of fumes? Or worse?

But we assure you don't need to worry. The risk of anything happening is very low, thanks to new boiler technology. With regular boiler servicing, we can keep your boiler in good shape for years to come. For peace of mind, why not book in for a boiler servicing before your big trip?

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