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Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler

As we approach the colder months of the year, nobody wants to experience a boiler breakdown; or any other faults and problems for that matter. If you're reading this, considering whether your boiler needs replacing or repairing, then worry not as we've created a few points below to think about. Before we get into the points below, if you're interested in our services and how we can help here at Home Heating UK, have a look at our services page on the website. Finally, why not give us a call? You can reach us on, 07480 245 506 or 07450 396 141

The Costs of Repairing a Boiler 

To begin with, the costs of repairing the boiler in your home depends on a couple of factors; firstly if the boiler is a lot older, the parts your boiler requires to begin the repair may not be available. 

So, considering that your boiler repair may be difficult due to a lack of the necessary parts being difficult to find, you must weigh up whether a repair on your old boiler will become less cost-effective than installing a new boiler i.e replacing it. 

Additionally, if repairing your boiler is lot more straightforward and simple than the scenario above, it may be the case that a repair on your boiler is the best option. 

It's worth noting that many newer boilers are offered with extended warranties and guarantees by the boiler manufacture; what does this mean? Well, if your boiler ever experiences faults, problems etc. The costs of labour and parts could be covered by the warranty or guarantee! Want to find out more about installing a brand new boiler? Check out the service page for boiler installation on our website

Safety First

Another very important point to make is safety! First and foremost before deciding whether your boiler should be replaced or repaired, is to have a Gas Safe registered engineer check your boiler to decide whether the boiler is safe to repair or needs completely replacing. It is also worth mentioning that you should have a Gas Safe registered engineer take a look at your boiler.

New Boiler and Reduced Energy Bills

Finally, newer boilers operate a lot more efficiently and can reduce your energy bills due to that. If the fault/problem with your boiler is easily repairable, you should still consider the possibility of the long-term benefits for replacing your older boiler with a newer boiler.

 Those additional benefits include extended warranties and guarantees that come with newer boilers; also, the parts required to replace your newer boiler wouldn't be to difficult to find due to them being newer. 

In regards to the extended warranties/guarantees of a new boiler, you must receive annual boiler servicing to ensure your boiler still qualifies for the warranty/guarantee by the boiler manufacturer. 

Still Not Sure? 

If you're still unsure about whether your boiler needs replacing or repairing, that is no problem at all! You should always have a Gas Safe registered engineer help you with choosing the best options for replacing and repairing your boiler as they are qualified, experienced and will know the best routes to take. 

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