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Large number of callouts for burst pipes

Its important to know the location of your stop tap in case there is an emergency or if you are having maintenance carried out in your home. The stop tap is usually found near to where your water supply pipe enters into your home.

Generally, stop taps are located under the kitchen sink or downstairs toilet. They can also be found in the: 

- Utility or garage

- By the front or back door

- In the cellar

It may be next to your meter if it is fitted inside.

If you cannot find it, check with a neighbour if your properties are similar.

Stop taps are not used often so check it is working by turning it off and on 2-3 times a year. Turn clockwise/right to turn off and anti-clockwise/left to turn on. Some only require a quarter turn so be careful not to over-tighten.

If your stop tap is inaccessible, invest in a SureStop. This turns your water off at the flick of a switch and are generally fitted under the kitchen sink. These are particularly helpful for those who struggle to turn taps.

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