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How to bleed a radiator

Bleeding your radiators can help your home out in a couple of different ways. Not only does it make your home more energy efficient, but it also helps each room to feel warmer- as your radiators are reaching their maximum potential. Think you need to bleed your radiators, but not sure how? It is a really simple process that can be learnt in just a few minutes, so keep reading and we'll show you how!

1. Switch the heating on

If you think one of your radiators needs bleeding, it is a good idea to check them all. Switch on the heating and wait for your radiators to reach their maximum temperature.

2. Check the other radiators

Feel carefully around your radiators to check for any cold spots that haven't warmed up fully/at all. Also, see how long the radiators took to actually heat up. If they took a while, you should bleed these too.

3. Switch the heating OFF

This is a key step in bleeding your radiators, as it stops you being left with a huge puddle on the floor when you open the valve. Ensure the heating is off before you go any further.

4. Check you have the tools needed

Some modern radiators can be bled with a screwdriver, but the majority will require a radiator key that can be picked up at any DIY store or online. You also need a cloth positioned under the valve to catch any water.

5. Open the valve

Slowly turn the key anti-clockwise to open the radiator valve. You will be able to hear hissing sound made by the trapped air escaping. Once all the air has escaped, close the valve quickly before water starts to leak out. 

6. Check the pressure

When you have bled all the necessary radiators, you need to check your boiler's pressure gauge. If the pressure is too low, you need to rebalance it using the instructions in your manufacturer's booklet.

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