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Home heating myths- true or false?

We've all heard quite a few home heating 'facts' by people who seem to know what they are talking about- but are these actually acts, or simply home heating myths? We've taken apart some of the common myths we come across, so you can see what the experts have to say.

It is better to leave your heating on low constantly- MYTH

We understand the logic here, as leaving your heating on all day will avoid the need to turn it up higher to heat a cold home. However, heating your home constantly just wastes energy, especially if there's no one at home to feel the benefits.

Painting your radiators does not improve their efficiency- FACT

Some people believe painting your radiators a darker colour will help them to be more efficient, as black is more effective at absorbing and transmitting heat. However, adding a layer on top of your radiators can actually have the opposite effect, making it harder for the heat to radiate.

Turning u the thermostat heats the room faster- MYTH

While it may be tempting to turn up the thermostat when you get into your chilly home, it really has no effect on the speed your home will heat up. If your thermostat is set at 30, it will heat up at the same time as if it was set at 25, it will just keep heating your home for longer. Rather than making your home uncomfortably warm, leave the thermostat and put on a few extra layers until your home has warmed up.

You don't need to turn your heating up if it is colder outside- FACT

According to The Energy Savings Trust, 52% of people are guilty of turning up their thermostat when they see it is cold outside- especially if it is snowing. In reality, this is a very unnecessary step. If your thermostat is set to 25, your home will stay at 25, regardless of how cold or hot it is outside. 

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