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FAQ's of Installing a New Boiler

If you need a new boiler because your old one has broken down, then it's probably been over a decade since your last boiler was installed - and a lot has changed. It can be hard to know how to prepare and decide which one is right for your home. We have answered all of your FAQs to help you know what to expect...

How long does it take to install a boiler?

If your new boiler is being installed in the same place as your old one, the installation can take as little as a day. If there are complications, or if it is moving locations, it can take 2-3 days. It is rarely longer than this but it depends on the amount of components and any complications that are found.

Where should my boiler go?

For ease of installation, your new boiler could be kept in the same position as your current model. Although, we understand this may not be the most practical location. A lot of new boilers are installed in kitchen cupboards, as the smaller size makes them easier to wall mount. This keeps them out of sight and out of mind- while still close by and easily accessible! 

How can I prepare for my boiler installation?

There aren’t really many ways to prepare, but feel free to call up your gas engineer to see if there is anything they want you to do. This could be bleeding your radiators or creating a clear path to all of the components they need access to. For example, if your boiler is in the kitchen, try and clear as much clutter as you can to give the engineers space.

Who can install my new boiler?

Only Gas Safe engineers are qualified to carry out any gas works in your home, especially a job as big as installing a new boiler. All of our engineers are proudly on the Gas Safe register, so feel free to contact us for your new boiler.

How can I ensure that my boiler stays healthy?

To ensure that your boiler continues to run efficiently and safely for at least the next decade, we'd recommend servicing your boiler on an annual basis. There are tons of benefits of boiler servicing, not least because you can save money on your energy bills and have peace of mind over your heating system for years to come. 

Need a new boiler installed in Coventry, Rugby or Lutterworth? 

We hope these questions have been useful for you! We cover all gas works (Including boiler repairs, servicing and replacements) across Coventry, Daventry, Hinckley, Rugby, Lutterworth and all surrounding areas.

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