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Choosing an LPG Boiler Over Oil

LPG boilers are more discrete

They are a similar size to gas boilers, so have a lot of options when it comes to positioning. Similar to gas boilers, they can be wall mounted; whereas oil boilers cannot. This means they can be hidden in kitchen cupboards, helping them to save space and keeping them out of sight. As well as this, they are much quieter than oil boilers and have almost no scent, making them much less distracting and noticeable. When we consider oil boilers, they are much louder and tend to give off an unpleasant smell.

LPG boilers are cheaper

LPG fuel can sometimes cost slightly more than oil, which is a drawback, but the prices are typically fixed by your supplier for a whole year. This ensures you can always get a good deal for your fuel and you know you are paying a fair price all year round. With oil, prices will fluctuate up and down as the demand shifts throughout the year, e.g. you may find yourself paying more in the winter. Because of this, LPG boilers are more practical long term, as you have the ability to budget accurately. As well as the benefits with the fuel, the price of LPG boilers themselves are decreasing, making the initial starting price lower. 

LPG boilers are better for the environment

LPG fuel is much cleaner than using oil, making it much better for the environment. Yes, it is still a fossil fuel, but it is much better than using oil as it contains 33% less carbon monoxide, so less gas is released into the atmosphere. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your home, which is a great thing for the environment, and reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This reduces global warming and, rather than using oil which adds to environmental problems which are ever increasing.

LPG boilers are more efficient

LPG fuel is very efficient, ensuring your boiler functions to its maximum potential. Linking to my last point, this also makes them much better for the environment than oil. On average, LPG boilers are over 90% efficient, wasting very little energy as it burns. As a result, there is less wasted fuel, meaning less wasted money.

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