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Boiler Maintenance Tips

Nobody wants to experience a boiler breakdown, especially as we approach the colder months in the year. However, did you know that by simply providing care and attention for your boiler and keeping it in great condition, the possibility of a boiler breakdown or other faulty problems shouldn't be an issue. Believe it or not, you could actually improve the efficiency and lifespan by doing so! In this blog post, we have made a list of the best tips for boiler maintenance to help keep your boiler running smoothly. If you'd like to get int ouch with us as soon as possible for our boiler services, give us a call on, 07480 245 506

Boiler Maintenance Tips

Below are just a few tips for keeping your boiler in great condition with boiler maintenance. You should remember that these are just general maintenance tips and if you believe your boiler requires a professional gas safe heating engineer then you should look to hire one as soon as possible in case your boiler is in serious need of attention. 

Consider Power Flushing Options 

Power flushing can be exactly what your central heating system and boiler might need. This is service performed by heating engineers and can have long-lasted effects on your central heating system. The process involves removing the sludge, rust and debris that has built up in the system. By removing this you can improve the lifespan, efficiency and potentially save money on your energy bills. Find out below how you and get in touch with us here at Home Heating UK to receive power flushing across Coventry, Rugby & Lutterworth. 

Switch Your Boiler Off

Of course, once the weather picks up and the sun comes out we tend to turn out boilers off as the heating is no longer needed for quite some time. Also, if your boiler is combinational boiler that is in your house, you simply just have to turn off the heating and keep the hot water on. However, to prevent issues occurring once the weather begins to drop in the colder months of the year, you should consider turning your boiler on for around 15 Minutes per month during the summer. 

Lag The Pipes 

When the temperature begins to drop below zero in the colder months of the year, the boiler's external condensate pipe can freeze. This will then cause the boiler to cut out as a safety precaution. There's a few answers to this issue; firstly, melting the ice by pouring warm water over the pipe is an option. However, to prevent the pipe from even freezing, consider insulating the pipe ready for when the winter arrives. Finally, you could also consider keeping the heating on constant low to prevent it from freezing when it is cold. 

Additional Maintenance Tips

There are a few other maintenance tips worth mentioning; such as keeping the pressure up as boilers do not function properly when on low pressure and can loose pressure over time causing them to run inefficiently. Another tip is too bleed the radiators to keep them in good condition and finally, make sure you receive annual servicing on the boiler.

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