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Benefits of Powerflushing

If you have noticed unnecessary noise coming from your boiler, cold spots on your radiators or have noticed that it takes forever to warm up your home, it might be time to consider a powerflush...

What is powerflushing?

As a boiler functions, it leaves deposits of sludge, rust and other debris throughout the boiler and the entire central heating system. These pollutants can severely harm the capability of the system and if not removed, will slowly pile up in the heat exchanger, radiators and pipework and eventually cause the entire system to fail. To avoid this, all gas engineers recommend a regular powerflush. 

Powerflushing sees water injected through the entire central heating system at a high velocity to remove all of these unwanted deposits. Aside from minimising the likelihood of your boiler breaking down, there are a couple more benefits...

Benefits of powerflushing...

Lengthen the lifespan of your boiler and heating system with a powerflush

As we've touched on above, powerflushing can bring an old central heating system almost back to its pre-installation condition. How? Powerflushing removes magnetite sludge, lessens boiler noise, increases pump life and cleans the whole heating system, including the floor pipe work below. This cleansing process also stops hydrogen gases from building up to avoid radiator corrosion. 

Reduced energy bills with a powerflush

Buying a new heating equipment can be expensive. Instead of replacing your current central heating system, why not opt for a powerflush instead? It is considerably less expensive and can help you reduce the cost of your energy bills. In fact, powerflushing can help lower your bills by up to 25%, depending on when the heating system was last powerflushed. 

Improve the efficiency of your heating circulation 

The circulation of heat is more efficient when there is no corrosion or contamination in the heating system. Hence, radiators perform better and warm up rooms faster, even without turning the thermostat to its highest setting.

The results from powerflushing are long lasting 

Powerflushing isn't a short-term temporary fix. A powerflush is only required every 5-10 years if you look after your boiler with a boiler service and other maintenance. That is a minimum of five years free from leaky systems or unsteady radiators. 

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